The PUSHKING 333 German Distortion Pedal is designed for maximum tightness and precise low-end. The pedal works best in front of your clean tuned amp, or could drive an already pushed amp into insanity. The tone control is classic and intuitive: Treble, Middle and Bass - just like a Marshall amp. Illuminated logo plate! • Controls: Level, Gain, Treble, Mid, Bass • Input impedance:> 500 kOhm (when the effect is on) • Output Impedance: 1 kOhm (when the effect is on) • Footswitch: Optical True Bypass • Current consumption: 120 mA • Power supply: 9V DC (Boss-Type) • Dimensions: 120 mm (length) x 94 mm (width) x 54 mm (height) • Weight: 400 g


    Advanced 70's mid honk with more bass and transparency. Nice "full" tone. Perfect string separation. Works very well as OVERDRIVE for creamy leads with sonic tone. Low Noise. Green Label. Green LED.


    The 800 Fullboost is equipped with a distortion control and 2 toggle switches for limiting the amount of treble and bass. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to create your individual sound for solospots. In addition the 800 is the secret weapon for working with small limited combos (i.e. Fender Champ). Lost and unnoticed parts of the sound spectrum are brought back giving you a deeper, fuller and exciting sound.


    Bored by unnatural sounding digital delays? The 606 does not alter your sound at all, just makes it richer. Simple is best: Use one setting for all, you set it and forget it! The 606 works best in the FX loop of your amp. However it is pretty cool between guitar and amp. 25 - 350ms. Red Label. Red LED.


    Do you need that little extra boost without altering your tone? Thats what this little BOOSTER is designed for! Experiment with it in line before or after Model 710. The 101 could be also very powerful in the FX loop of your amp. Noiseless optical footswitch. Black Label. White LED.

  • 900 UNIVIBE

    This is not a digital simulation of the classic effect. This is the real thing. Deliberately built using selected photocells and 12V bulb giving an authentic Univibe tone. Pure analog. Deep and rich, but always transparent. Lots of output - if you need it. Illuminated logoplate with speed indicator.

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